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Dora Cuenca


That hunger for new knowledge and self-awareness. Curiosity - I’ve lost it and I’ve found it. The process of researching: I practice gathering seeds, the pulling in of energy. Deep in the cloud forest, fresh air all around. Breathing suddenly, no longer the ignored soundtrack to life. The sequestration of carbon. The cosmos and stardust. Taking walks in the forest. We’re not alone here. We rarely notice it. Throwing those seeds out, letting them grow in to something evoking joy and gratefulness. Calming anxiety through curiosity. Recharge. Deep dive. Holding my breath.

Title: The Thought

Size: Print, 36"h / 27"w _ Framed, 41"h / 32"w

Medium: Epson Print on Hannemühle German Etching Paper (edition of 2)

Year: 2021

Price: $1600.—