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Erik Adriel Peterson


“Did the room really look like that?”  Prismatic and yearning, Peterson’s mixed-media works use heightened colors and fractured compositions to present and process memories of personal events.  Lived experience becomes blurred and distorted through time, detachment, and feeling.  Ghostly traces of friends and partners populate unreliable spaces between reality and memory; the everyday enters the realm of the magical, ritualistic and uncanny.  In tarot, the hermit represents circumspection and removal, the use of time to process and heal from experience and gain wisdom.  A tarot reader, Peterson considers the hermit when recreating the energy of rooms and spectral figures through a lens of memory and distance.  Kaleidoscopic colors imbue emotion, whether the comforting glow of intimacy, chill of panic, or crystallized dark of anxiety.  The fragments and residual emotions of experiences are pieced back together in intimate, voyeuristic events as in the recalling of a fading dream.

Title: Before and Again

Size: 14" h / 11" w

Medium: Mixed Media on Panel

Year: 2021

Price: $750.—