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Eustace Mamba


It’s a little bit of the activist in me.  Standing up for what is just.  The black fine art world is becoming a monolith and there are some stereotypes that are falling on to black artists and I’m running in to it and navigating it.  Is it a fetishisization of the black body or support of the black body as commodity?  Selling the black figure, from the auction block to the same people who might of enslaved us.  Another form of slow violence.  I want to give different examples from society and how we can use art and images to reverse that.  Educating folks on things they might not be aware of.  Blackness is a monolith and me as a first generation American I don’t believe in it or feel like I fit in to it.  Can a black artist make work that isn’t about blackness? Making spiderwebs in a bicycle tire.  Winter time is my found material.  Then underground is a concrete jungle.  It comes down to image.

Title: Life Cycle

Size: 19" h / 16" w

Medium: Mixed Media

Year: 2022

Price: $1400.—