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G. Farrel Kellum

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Transforming the role of nature into illusion - I’ve never been to the desert. The voyage in between. The loss of the sensory “before times”. Not knowing is a frightening phenomenon. That distant drumbeat - repetition, pathway, geometry. The line from the past to the future is like bondage, is like rope. Meaning requires an interpretive lens - beauty, bodily, personhood, a mark of self. Knowledge and wisdom are separate. What’s the relationship between trial and error? Neighbors, family and friends shared stories, in one form or another, that connected me to being a negro, a black person, an African American, to a community of feeling - of energies. The lens morphs walking through space and time. We’re all interconnected with the moment. Sleepwalking through life is incredibly destructive.

Title: An Oracle

Size: 36"h / 15.5"w / 5"d

Medium: Canvas, Wood, Rope, Ink and Acrylic Paint

Year: 2019

Price: $1500.—