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Jaime Alvarez

I started taking photographs during my daily ritual of walking my dog.  I would bring my camera, occasionally making images of things that interested me in my neighborhood, Fishtown, which I moved to in 2008.  As time passed, it occurred to me that I had created a collection of photographs which documented the neighborhood’s transformation.  This realization spurred me on to create Fishtown Daily, a printed zine and digital photography journal that lived on Instagram.  Many of the images in this exhibit where taken during the height of the covid pandemic.  While most people were isolated in their homes, I became increasingly interested in the object-hood of my surroundings.  My images are mostly devoid of people, their presence evident only in the pedestrian point-of-view of the camera.

Title: Fishilly

Size: 12" Tall / 14" Wide

Medium: Archival Inkjet Print, Edition of 3

Year: 2020

Price: $800.—