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Kara Mshinda

Kara Mshinda Affordable Edition

What makes up our identity?  Footprints or the silhouettes of things - It looks like they’re asking something of me in the way they’re staring back.  When I look at the stars - constellations of meaning.  How does memory and place shape our selfhood?  When we walk around our neighborhood and things catch my eye.  Reminiscing about family life.  All the things that came before us made us who we are.  Traces of memory.  The making of new identity - my daughter’s - navigating our neighborhood as geography at the start of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. 

Title: Chasing Bubbles

Size: 24" h / 18" w

Medium: Archival Inkjet Print

Year: 2022

Price: $650.—