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Marian Bailey


During this season of introspection and reflection, Bailey (b. 1991) presents an installation of works which employ acrylic paint and ink, text and printed vinyl to create a bold environment that acts as a repudiation of a pervasive culture of fat-phobia, which through research they have come to understand is inherently intertwined with anti-black racism and white supremacy.

They have vowed to never allow white supremacy make them hate themselves and this exhibition is a way of documenting their journey through that growing understanding and celebrating the body that they get to exist in. While their body has put them through a lot they are still here and able to live the life they always dreamed of.


Title: An Object

Size: 30"h / 24"w

Medium: Acrylic Paint and Oil Pastel on Canvas

Year: 2022

Price: $1650.—