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Marian Bailey


My exposure to a lot of things that made me who I am makes me upset sometimes. When I was younger and growing up I felt the need to shrink myself - not too much this, not too much that. Someone disappears. That used to be something I was afraid of. Why not give folks a place to see themselves in? Spirits from West Africa that were brought over - black women underwater, in space and on the ground. We are a part of the world but it’s also within us. Imagine a world not bogged down by society - fear of the body, queerness and race. The status of America. A transformative time.  Now, I’m all about taking up space and creating space.  You are welcome wherever I am or whatever I am doing.  I’ve been busy and I need to talk.

Title: Submerged

Size: Print, 16"h / 24"w _ Framed, 21"h / 29"w

Medium: Epson Print on Hannemühle German Etching Paper (edition of 3)

Year: 2021

Price: $950.—