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Marissa Paternoster


Muted pastels like in a dentist’s waiting room.  Rooms as isolating structures that we are forced to exist in.  A cigarette is just a mechanism we can use to bear it.  Cigarettes were a big part of my childhood - a big part of growing up in punk and DIY scenes.  Surrounded by people engaging in vices and behaviors that help them get through the day.  Growing up reading cartoons and comic books and Mad Magazine - adult themes in a child-like atmosphere.  Distorting and disturbing imagery.  Guston and Pettibon and Ren&Stimpy.  Smoke as an ornamental embellishment in the aesthetics of politics.

Title: Youth Kills

Size: 20" h / 14" w

Medium: Ink and Acrylic on Paper

Year: 2021

Price: $650.—