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Michael Moore

Michael Moore AE

When I was a cartoonist I opened a dictionary, closed my eyes and ran my finger down a page and whatever word I landed at I drew a cartoon about it.  Don’t draw away from, draw toward.  How close can I get to that thing?  The line comes first.  What that line might be about comes after.  Let your hands initiate and your eyes can tell you when to stop.  You can interfere in that relationship with an idea, between the mind and the hand.  Identification and interpretation are after the fact. I want to come as close as I possibly can to making a form or forms of the identifiable in a bodily way - the way we’re embodied as beings - and ask what do I see in this world that I am making?  It looks like something I could feel, hold, touch or smell.

Title: Risky Rendezvous

Size: 22" h / 23.5" w

Medium: Ink on Paper

Year: 2015

Price: $1250.—