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Akiko Jackson’s installation uses fiber and ceramics to consider the potential impact that language, and its absence, has on the development of identity. This body of work is in response to questions such as, “what does it mean for those of us who have lost the language of our mothers?” and “how do we both honor and grieve displacement?” Jackson’s methodology involves the use of material language to signify how we use our hands, and have the ability to imprint upon each other, to communicate a sense of belonging.


Emilio Jose Maldonado reframes discarded materials as commentary on the destructive impact that cycles of consumption and disposal undertaken by first-world populations exact on the globally disenfranchised.  His sculptures collect and organize materials loosely by type to emphasize the collective qualities of goods a society engages with and then tires of.  0-100% uses accumulation to overwhelm the audience and place them in a space of thoughtful reflection to ask why and how they might be contributing to this cycle.


Alexander Rosenberg engages with the utility of glassworking through reinterpreting historical forms.  Lighting Prototype for the Late Anthropocene uses water-filled glass orbs resembling 19th Century magnifying flasks, which were meant to increase and distribute illumination.  It is a work that encourages viewers to imagine a near-future where naturally sourced materials like cotton wick and wax, and the flame that consumes them, become more novel and uncommon than repurposed digital components, creating a new concept of utitilty through this vernacular materiality.


Misha Wyllie develops work concerned with exploring the formation of meaning through the transformation and redefinition of pre-existing materials.  Using the pages from newsprint advertising circulars, Wyllie has removed the majority of the content through cutting it out, creating a visual index of consumerist organization primarily through absence.  

Artist: Akiko Jackson

Title: hiragana O (from "the ways in which language connect us")

Size: 35" h / 32" w

Medium: Wool, Nylon and Thread

Year: 2022

Price: $400.—