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Sheldon Omar Abba

sheldon ae

Girard Avenue changed my life.  Along it I formed friendships with neighbors and strangers and forged my relationship to this city.  I’ve watched the sun rise and set along it hundreds of times - a different place at every hour of the day, its fullness only made visible through committed repeated engagement. Only then do the patterns emerge from its chaos and quiet.  The juxtapositions of faces, cars and buildings begin to reflect stories of its inhabitants - people and places - and the history of those lives lived.


I don't know when, but at some point something changed. I was transformed from a simple observer, an uninitiated visitor, into a member of its congregation. I am as much a part of this place as the trolley whose tracks cut straight down its middle or Tony’s Oldsmobile Cutlass parked on the corner of 10th Street.


When I leave here I hope my body is carried down Girard in the back of a Box Chevy Wagon, led by a procession of old school big-body Caprices like the ones I love to photograph.  Like the one I bought with Wayne that, some time later, was stolen from its corner.  I love you, Girard.

Title: Mural Arts

Size: 30" Tall / 30" Wide

Medium: Archival Inkjet Print, Edition of 2

Year: 2021

Price: $1200.—