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Featuring 20 Philadelphia-based artists paired in ten teams of two, this exhibition of all new collaborative artworks focuses on how artists find common ground and inspire others to work together and cooperatively arrive at their goals.


It’s not exaggeration to say that our current world feels filled with division. During times such as these a question arises about who will return us to one another—to see the common stakes of building a world together where we may disagree amicably and arrive at reconciliation graciously. Historically, artists are always the first at the ramparts facing periods of such social development. They rise to the challenge, on behalf of us all, to engage rarely considered possibilities in an attempt to break through to new understandings.

Artist: Isabella Akhtarshenas & Richie Lopez

Title: Bowl

Size: 7 x 8.5 x 8.5 in.

Medium: Speckled Stoneware, Needle Felted Wool, Underglaze

Year: 2024

Price: $850.—