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G. Farrel Kellum


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G. Farrel Kellum

G. Farrel Kellum (b. 1947) is one of Philadelphia's pre-eminent artists working to dismantle the colonialist erasure of Black historical memory through an uncompromising interrogation of his own intuitive sensibilities and sensitivities.  He has been an artist in Philadelphia for over 50 years. A graduate of the Philadelphia College of Art, Kellum draws from Buddhist and Taoist philosophy, action painting, science fiction, architecture, hip-hop and global history to create his mixed media assemblages grounded in autobiography.


“While a river may have long peaceful passages and turbulent rapids in quick succession, no matter what part of the it you are on at any given time - peaceful or turbulent - it doesn’t mean that those other parts do not exist.  It’s about keeping a bit of a distance to see the whole river and not get overwhelmed by the present moment.” - G. Kellum