Current Exhibition

Kat Richards & Todd Stong


Opening Reception:

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Kat Richards (b. 1991) has developed their own monoprint stencil technique wherein they reimagine the body by conceptualizing it in parts, creating an index of abstract and fragmented shapes.  The shape used to suggest a leg or mouth may also describe a finger or nipple.  These ambiguities gain meaning through their contextual placement and elicit the question: what part of the body is being viewed, and what is its function? 

Todd Stong (b. 1991) creates prints that combine both traditional printmaking and drawing skills to develop queer figurative narratives.  His images and the stories within explore violence, boredom, and desire as they muddy the waters of art history, sexuality, White identity, and ecological collapse. Combining researched subjects and whimsical fantasy with art historical forms and motifs, Stong’s work asks viewers to consider how they navigate the hierarchical and collectivist systems that are part and parcel to the production of the western cultural canon.