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Containing Multitudes: Anne Minich's Head Series, 1974 - 2023 Exhibition Catalog and Tote

bag and catalog

This seventy-four page exhibition catalog for 'Containing Multitudes: Anne Minich's Head Series, 1974 - 2023' is the most comprehensive survey of this body of work. It features essays by exhibition co-curator Tally de Orellana, along with curator Jodi Throckmorton and artist Meredith Sellers. It also includes an interview with Minich from the Spring of 2023, facilitated by Gallery Director and exhibition co-curator, Alex Conner.

Artist: Published by Commonweal

Materials: Paper and Ink / Cotton and Ink

Size: 11 x 8.5 in. (catalog) / 13 x 13 in. (tote)

Year of design: 2023

Price: $25.—