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Dilated Brooch


“Dilated”, adjective: marked by expansion or widening, specifically: expanded, enlarged, or widened normally or abnormally in all dimensions (Merrim-Webster). Inspired by fashion designers such as Rae Kawakubo and Ann Demeulemeester, this sterling silver brooch's domed base adds dimension to the wearer’s ensemble using a magnetic form of clasp, the rounded backing disappearing under the wearer’s clothes, leaving the minimalist domed top on the exterior. Intended to be worn with garments of lightweight fabric such as silk, cotton lawn, or linen, with the chosen fabric’s textures, prints, or color palette complimenting the finished aesthetic. Forge & Finish is culturally diverse, women owned and operated company intentionally focused on keeping things small.

Materials: Sterling Silver

Size: .75"h / 2.25"d

Year of design: 2021

Price: $350.—