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Grounding Cushion


The Grounding Cushion by CRUSH studio invites you into a realm of embodiment. Its weighted base, textured buttons, and bouncy top offer ways to help you reduce stress and refocus on the present moment through touch. On your chest, its mass provides calming pressure; under your head, its gentle loft is relaxing; in your arms, its round form is comforting; under your fingertips, its textures soothing. Follow your instinct. Pillow form and jacquard fabric uppers designed by CRUSH. Custom porcelain buttons created by Better Lovers. Spot clean only. The Grounding Cushion is not suitable for children or infants.

Materials: Jacquard Woven Fabric, Crushed Velvet, Ceramic Buttons with Buckwheat Fill

Size: 10"h / 16"d

Year of design: 2021

Price: $225.—