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Seneca Weintraut • D_NNER PARTY


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Seneca Weintraut • D_NNER PARTY

Through his installation of sculptures and paintings, Seneca Weintraut exploits American preoccupations with both our origin stories as well as a belief in social absolution bestowed through scientific progress in order to examine how the methodologies we have developed for understanding authenticity in the world have allowed “truth” to root itself in congruities amongst myths and empirical facts.


His approach reveals positions of agreement with uncertainty, where time and space exhaust themselves as purposeful contexts and in their place only storytelling and inter-subjective accord can develop pathways towards a shared understanding.


For Weintraut, the stories we tell ourselves about how we intuitively understand the world to work and the underlying mechanics which we can empirically prove are more closely aligned than we might like to admit.  Myths attempt to make sense of a world that appears to operate by orderly randomness and construct continuity between that which we can perceive and what we cannot.  Through myths’ reliance on observation and correlation, they anticipate the scientific method, the goal of which is to use rationalism, inductivism and empiricism to uncover paths of causation.


Employing the critical ambiguities that arise from the close proximity of insular traditions within a “folk” framework of understanding alongside the seeming objectivity proffered by scientific investigation, Weintraut attempts to divine a new mysticism rooted in American existentialism - bridging the gap between Henry David Thoreau and Casper the Friendly Ghost - that acts as a workshop in which to test out and refine why and how we may authentically experience a world where truth is neither fact nor fiction.